The Japanese Fascination

We often dream of escaping the routine of a monotonous life, lying on the beach of a tropical island, sipping on a refreshing cocktail or flying off to some distant land to discover new cultures.  And Japan immediately takes control of our train of thought! Japan and everything Japanese beckons us, from the cuisine to the latest fashion trends, from the mangas and anime to origami and kintsugi.

Since 2016, there has been a significant increase in tourism in Japan.  In 2018,  31.19million travellers chose Japan as their holiday destination, while in 2019 this number increased to 31.9million.  Considering that Japan is an expensive holiday destination, these numbers are relatively high; Tokyo was placed 9th on the list of preferred holiday metas in 2019.  Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Yokohama are the most popular cities amongst tourists, where each city offers visitors its unique take on Japanese culture.

What is it that attracts a person to Japan?  Could it be the strive for excellence in everything the Japanese set out to do, or the preservation of an ancient cuture which lures us away from what we don’t tolerate in our society? Respect is of utmost importance in the Japanese culture. If one takes a walk in downtown Tokyo, you would notice that cleanliness of the streets prevail, on the metro it is considered rude to be talking loudly on your mobile and even before the Covid pandemic, it was normal for the Japanese to wear surgical masks when they had a common cold, out of respect for the others.  This is not just a part of their culture but a way of life! But it’s not all wine and roses, they, like every society, have their share of woes. For example, they are an overworked nation and have difficulty in personal relations.

However, Japan still remains a huge font of inspiration!

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